The Real Island community takes immense pride in its ongoing clean-up efforts and environmental projects, a testament to our collective commitment to preserving the natural beauty and ecological integrity of our island paradise. These initiatives are driven by passionate volunteers who come together to address environmental challenges such as litter, pollution, and habitat restoration. Through organized clean-up events, recycling programs, and the nurturing of green spaces, we are not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our island but also safeguarding the well-being of future generations. Join us in these transformative endeavors as we work hand in hand to create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable Real Island for all to cherish. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our environment and foster a deep sense of community pride.

Please join us for Clean-Up Day.

BACK ROW left to right:

Lee Reynolds, Bill Duckworth, John Coram, Mark George, Mike Wilson, John Christenberry, Joe Allen, 

3rd row left to right:

Charles Borden, Greg Womack, Bonnie Vinson, Lamar Jones, Bill Murray, Bernie Farris, Kathy Talley, Frances Morris

2nd row left to right:

Linda Reynolds, Maria Hicks, Hannah Hicks, Mary Leigh Meredith, Carole Borden, Laura Farris, Minnie Allen, Deneille Dunn, Harriet Spigener

Front Row left to right: 

Melissa Duckworth, Susan Womack, Jane Malloch, Jean Deal,Tracy Allen, Gina Murray, Kristi George

Earlier Workers not pictured:  Becca Wilson, Charlotte and Will Denton, Charles and Nita Franz, Jimmy and Annette Huett, Cad and Jan Beale, Candy and Randy Jones, JR and Leah Slawson.